Oceanview Ganges Farmland

A farm in a village

The Harbour Farm is in the heart of Ganges. Blackberry-covered hedges and fences separate this peaceful private secret beauty from the bustling life of this prosperous and eclectic town. The building site is hidden away in the middle of things, a short walk from stores, hospital, churches, businesses, library and parks.

The Harbour, the Village, the Woods

The Harbour Farm property enjoys a picturesque view of Ganges Harbour, Beyond the sailboats and yachts bobbing at anchor, in the distance you see the outer Gulf Islands that make up the National Park. Trails lead from the farm through lovely woods to the village, the hospital, the harbour, restaurants, and all the amenities of modern life. When you get home, close the gate behind you and enjoy the quiet abundance of the farm.

Water, Soil, and Sun

The creek running through the farm is called Crofton Brook. Even in the driest of summers it has never stopped flowing. This seemingly endless supply of water makes agriculture at the Harbour Farm possible. Successful crops have included tomatoes, raspberries, lettuce, cantaloupe, strawberries, leeks, mulberries, quinoa, quince, potatoes, garlic, cucumbers, and about 100 other crops. The farm has raised sheep, goats, chickens and bees.

Howell Lane Acreage

An included bonus is a 4.63 acre property on Howell Lane. Located close to town.

Price: $4,900,000 +GST